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The Humana Challenge, Golf, Wind and More!

Today is day #4 of the Humana Challenge and we have served a lot of salads, panini sandwiches, organic wine and we have poured a few beers too!  It’s been a great experience meeting lots of new people and reconnecting with old friends!

The parking lot is away from the area where we are with our food booth so we have had to bring the supplies down to our area using the golf carts that were provided.  On the first day we had the most to bring and set up and we were given a very small cart.


Here I am transporting the organic wine down to Bob Hope Square.  Lucky for me the wine stayed on the cart even though the route was bumpy.

Our set up was great and we had beautiful banners and were in a terrific location across from the Humana tent.  Bob Hope Square is on the grounds of the Palmer Private Course and the views of the mountains are spectacular from here.


On Saturday President Clinton played at Palmer Private and we were looking forward to getting a glimpse of him.  Unfortunately play was stopped when high wind gusts sent a scoreboard flying into a lake, started moving balls interfering with the game and blowing down a large portion of the Humana tent.  It was a scary moment, and we were evacuated from Hope Square to the driving range while the damage and safety issues were assessed.

When the announcement was first made it was difficult to hear because of the noise from the wind.  We kept serving last minute wine and beer until it became very clear they wanted vendors out of the area too!  Soon the bustling area of Hope Square was empty.

On the way out we grabbed a bottle of Organic Pinot Grigio, and a few glasses and enjoyed wine while we were waiting to see if they would resume the tournament and reopen the square.  We were interviewed by one of the news channels when they saw us!

Finally it was announced that the tournament would resume at 7:30 on Sunday. Eventually we were allowed back in to put the food away and lock up our booth. There were lots of people leaving the grounds at the same time and it took close to an hour to get out of the parking lot.


Today is the last day of the Humana Challenge and we have enjoyed being back on site making great food. Turns out President Clinton was here today but we didn’t see him! Here’s a photo that was posted of him on Facebook today by the Humana Challenge page.
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