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How to Make Nut Milks

Nut Milk is a delicious substitute for dairy and a wonderfully healthy addition to your pantry!

While you can buy nut milks at the grocery and health food stores; not all nut milks are created equally!

For a nut milk to have optimal nutritional value the nuts used must be raw and soaked for 6-8 hours.  I often soak the nuts overnight in purified water and they are ready to be rinsed and turned into nut milk the following morning.  It is a good idea to refrigerate the nuts you are soaking especially in warmer climates.

Nut milks can be used as a dairy substitute for soups, in baking, in smoothies on cereals and just about anywhere you would use regular milk.  My favorite nut milk and probably the most commonly known one is almond milk.  Always choose organic nuts when choosing a nut for nut milk.

If you are buying nut milks that are commercially made be sure to read the labels and check for preservatives and additives.  Often the convenience of these products is offset by the additives and honestly making nut milk is simple and quick!  Nut milks will last for at least 4 days or so in the refrigerator after making and can be frozen too.

Here are the tools needed to make nut milks:
High speed blender
Strainer or nut milk bag
Glass container to store milk

Here’s a simple easy recipe for almond milk:

1 Cup of Raw Organic Almonds Soaked overnight or for at least 6 hours in purified water.(drain and rinse almonds after soaking)

4 Cups of Purified Water

Combine in high speed blender or VitaMix

When fully blended strain the mixture in a nut bag or strainer.

Save the pulp for other uses
The strained liquid is almond milk!
Store the milk refrigerated in a glass jar.

If you like sweet almond milk you can add maple syrup, honey, dates or raw agave nectar. Sometimes vanilla or almond extract can add a nice flavor to the nut milk too! When I add sweeteners to the milk I do it as I use the milk so the basic almond milk can be used in soups as well as on cereals or in baking.

Here’s a great video I found of someone making nut milk! Enjoy!

Google this link to watch this video

Chef Jen
The Queen of Clean Cuisine

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