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Jen’s Personal Story About Pet Safety

Cooper & Marshall frolicking with Booda!

3 mornings ago, I awoke in a great mood, to my usual routine. Coffee, morning reading and let Booda out to play with her her best buds Marshall and Cooper, our sweet adorable French Bulldog neighbors. But this morning was different, Nancy, Marshall and Coop’s mom was out, but no dogs. She was very upset saying that they were in the emergency room, having started seizures the night before, and had been rushed to the only 24 hour emergency vet clinic about 15 miles away.

“Oh my God, what the hell happened?” I asked,  my heart sinking.

“We think they ate something, maybe poison, we have been searching the area looking, we think it may be Sago Palms, they flower and drop seeds that are deadly to dogs, so says the vet.”

toxic to pets!

Shocked I reply, “We live in the desert, we have dogs, how do we not know this?”






“ The vets also inform us that the symptoms look like it may be snail bait poisoning, Cooper is not doing well, I am waiting for a call”

The call comes….our worst nightmare, Cooper, not quite 2 years old, does not make it….

My heart breaks seeing my good friend Nancy getting the horrible news that her beloved pet is gone. She is sobbing, as am I….so sad

We pray that Cooper, Marshall’s brother, can hold on until the poison is flushed out of his body and he does for 2 days. The news comes that he also has passed. Any pet owner knows that words can not describe the heartbreak of losing not 1 but 2 of your beloved pets in the scope of a few long days. Not to mention the $8000 investment to try and save these angel dogs.

After scouring the area, Nancy’s family finds the poison, a box of snail bait carelessly thrown out in the bushes by a 92 year old neighbor.

The product is Vigoro Snail and Slug killer pellets…..

Pet Poison

This is such a sad story, but unfortunately it needs to be told….things that will kill your pests can kill your pets! Please help spread the word…do not buy and use poison, there are other ways!!

Rest in Peace Marshall and Cooper, we love you and the friendship and joy you brought us

xoxo Booda and Jen

So grateful




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